Web Design

Designing and building a website to reach your objectives, making it work for you.

Triporteur Beer

An eccentric mad scientist beer brewer (and friend!) approached us to re-design the website for his beer range and maltbakery. The products were placed front and centre, juxtaposed with the custom sketches that appear on the labels also adding to the website personality. If you like beer, check out Bert’s beer!

Key Aspects: Website Re-Design // Product Photography // Copy Writing // SEO // Multilingual

Pick Me Recruitment

A specialist recruitment agency in the hospitality niche needed a website with a bit of personality to fit in with their branding. On the client side the ability to easily add jobs to a listing archive was constructed, and on the backend the dynamic display and searching of the listings, along with typical website optimisations (CDN, image optimisation, caching, etc.) were implemented.

Key Aspects: Image Optimisation // Copy Writing // Job Listing Archive // SEO // Caching

Be3 Architects

An architectural firm was in need of a site redesign, we used custom theming as well as dynamic content to elegantly and simply showcase their work. An image heavy site always needs good image optimisation and caching, as well as a CDN if possible, to reduce site load time for visitors.

Key Aspects: Custom Theme // Image Optimisation // CDN // Dynamic Content // Website Migration

Landman Clift

A property development and building company was in need of a dynamic website to showcase their various high-end projects. We focused on a landing page that makes all pertinent info to make contact easily accessible but also connects to all other aspects and areas of the site easily and logically. As this was to be an image heavy website, factors such as image optimisation, CDN implementation, and caching was important for fast site load times, especially in the target client geo-region.

Key Aspects: Copy Writing // Photography // Image Optimisation // CDN // SEO

Libra Engineers

A local engineering company needed a website to showcase their work and services, as well as obtain new clients. It was decided a professional take was best, but also incorporate elements of the personality of the owner, hopefully also connecting with the more human / personal side of potential clients.

Key Aspects: Copy Writing // SEO // Image Optimisation // Photography // Performance

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, design is how it works.

- Steve Jobs
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