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Simonsberg Silo’s

The owners of the Simonsberg Silo’s, which were two old silo’s used for feed storage before being lovingly restored into chic accommodation, were keen to have more control over their online bookings, rather than rely solely on AirBnB etc. We focused on the visual aspects of their setting, also integrating an online booking system with WooCommerce that also syncs with AirBnB as to avoid double bookings and not to have to manually implement updates between calendars / booking systems.

Key Aspects: Accommodation Booking System // Copy Writing // eCommerce // Integration // Performance // CDN

On Point Consult

On Point Consult approached us for a website redesign from the ground up, as their previous site was a static one from 10 years ago, although the budget was small and we had to keep it simple. We used images, especially above the fold on the landing page, to communicate their down to earth, genuine, and professional manner of doing business, along with a good layout and solid navigation system, and finally bringing in the company branding to pull it all together.

Key Aspects: Copy Writing // SEO // Image Optimisation // Performance // CDN

Bertus Basson

Bertus Basson is a highly regarded Chef, as well as a long time client. This project was to give the current site a slight overhaul on the front end (look & feel) and the back end (better systems and processes). The big reason was so that we could incorporate an online learning platform (LMS) so he could start selling online cooking classes along with the current array products available in the online store.

Key Aspects: Copy Writing // SEO // Image Optimisation // Photography // Performance // eCommerce

Natte Valleij Wines

Good friend and exceptional winemaker, Alex Milner from Natte Valleij Wines, was in need of an improved online presence and – very importantly – needed to be able to sell his wine online. The focus was on putting the wines, and the care taken in crafting them, front and center via professional images and ease of navigation. Other aspects of the farm were also integrated, such as accommodation, wedding venue, etc.

Key Aspects: Copy Writing // SEO // Image Optimisation // Photography // Performance // eCommerce

Taymul Creative

As creative professionals, client work is always at the top of the list before any of our own projects. This meant that our own website was a little bit, well, outdated. Fortunately that changed recently as I managed to sit down and finally redo it suing Elementor / Pro and a combination of ACF and Custom Post Types. But most importantly, I wanted to ensure it is easy to read, understand, see examples of work done, and for clients to get in touch.

Key Aspects: Re-Branding // Copy Writing // SEO // Image Optimisation // Photography // Performance


Tasked with developing a website in multiple languages for a Belgian brewing company that specialises in developing breweries for clients from the ground up, we focused on visuals, ease of use and navigation, along with some custom code to display the languages in a certain way.

Key Aspects: Custom Design // Multilingual // SEO // Image Optimisation // Website Performance

The Fledge & Company Wines

The Fledge & Co. produce some of the best, far out and quirky wines you’ll find. A website that allows you to easily find what you’re looking for, as well as allowing Leon’s writing to shine, was put together to make their wines come to the fore.

Key Aspects: Custom Design // CDN // Product Photography // Website Migration // Image Optimisation

Feed Chain Industries

Feed Chain Industries needed a website to showcase their attention to detail, as well as their unique and high quality products. We decided to do this with an easy to navigate website that puts the dedicated team front and centre.

Key Aspects: Photography // Copy Writing // Custom Design // CDN // Multilingual

Adele Grewar

As a highly regarded professional chef, Adele needed a website to show not only this but also her attention to detail and other projects, like Abundance Catering, one of our other websites we did for her.

Key Aspects: Copy Writing // SEO // Custom Functions // Image Optimisation // CDN

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, design is how it works.

- Steve Jobs
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