Project Consultation

A little lost in terms of the direction of your next move? Come on in.

Creative Project Consultation

What do you do / where do you go once you have your creative assets?

Over the years we have gained an understanding about the common aspects that business owners struggle with both before hiring creative professionals, and also after, as it can sometimes be confusing as to where to next with your design work / website / images.

We help to shed some light on the path.


Core Services

You’ve seen these before, but worth mentioning here too. Our core service offering, typically we consult on this before a business has anything in place in terms of creative assets at the start of their journey (or if they do, we complete the aspects still needed). Use the navigation menu to check out the rest of our site fore more info and examples of our work in these areas.


Nailing detailed briefs on time, pack shots / product photography, head shots / corporate lifestyle, architectural imagery, lifestyle work, documentary photography, remote location work, wine farm visual portfolio management, and much more.

Graphic Design

Branding from scratch, logo’s, wine labels / packaging, publication layouts, expo branding, banners, business cards, restaurant assets (menu’s / table talkers / etc.) / billboards, website graphics and much more.

Website Design

Simple and effective layouts that put your product and / or service front and centre, landing pages, online stores, blogs, portfolios, content management and much more.


Additional Services

Typically, once a business has been handed off their creative assets (design / imagery / website), they do not know what is next e.g. with print work things often get lost in translation as they have never dealt with printers and don’t speak the language. Same with images needing to be printed and the age old dpi vs dimension debate. Our advice is – more often than not – don’t try to save money by handling these aspects yourself, let us facilitate it for you.

We work with a professional network of individuals to get things done.

Design Print Work

We handle the printing of your labels / artwork with the printers. Unless you want to get into RGB vs CMYK, Litho / Digital methods, Pantone colours, signing off proofs, etc. Trust us, we’ve got this.

Photo Printing

Printing images is simple if it’s for the family album, but on a commercial level it can be quite complex. DPI, PPI, print dimensions and DPI / PPI at scale, viewing distance, end use application, etc. Let us handle it.

Wine Label Printing

Wine labels is a whole science on its own and one we know well (Pantone colours, spot varnishing, high-bold, etc. anyone?). We (or your previous designers) designed it beautifully, now let’s make sure it gets printed that way too.

Digital Asset Management

Do you have a system in place to be easily able to access your digital assets (high res images, design art work, web assets, etc.) from anywhere in the world? Well, you should, and we can show you!

Website Performance

Designing a website that looks amazing is only the start, how does it perform? TTFB, CDN’s, image optimisation, managed hosting, dedicated servers, and more goes into how fast it loads for your visitors. Let’s get it right. And yes, analytics / SEO / social media too.

Anything Else?

Just because it’s not on the list, doesn’t mean we don’t do it. Feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have. If we are able, we’ll make it work.

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.

- Prof. Michael Porter
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