taymul creative is a collaboration between rob taylor graphic design and mullerfoto.com
taymul creative
We enjoy the creative process of working with our clients. Let's do it!
This is where we get
together for a chat, or
client brief, if you
prefer formalities.

We sit around the
same table, take some
good ol' time, and
really try to understand
where you're coming
from, what you're
vision is and explore
various approaches to
your project.

This is a very important
step in "The Process",
as it will help us ham-
mer something out that
will not only impress
and work for you, but
also for your clients
and / customers.
Rough drafts, mounds
of paper, complimen-
tary colours and some
coffee stained napkins
(with sketches on

All our projects, from
websites, logo's,
branding, etc. rely on
this phase (yes, of
"The Process") to get
some initial designs or
shot lists down on

This builds a good
starting point and
frame of reference
following the next step
in, yes, you guessed it,
"The Process"!
We reunite for an often
emotional indaba
where you tell us what
you like. And don't like
- but that rarely
happens (if you know
what's good for you,
catch my drift?).

On a serious note,
though: you review the
ideas and initial
designs we've come
up with, tell us like it is,
and together we
decide on which ones
to take further.

Our aim here is to
make sure you are
stoked, so we can
proceed with the
building phase.
Getting down to the
nitty gritty, which is
what we love to do:
incorporating all the
input from the three
steps before and
putting it into
functional form via a
website, branding,
images, and more.

We take your brief,
combined with our
combined visions, mix
it up and produce a
product that will,
hopefully, meet your -
and our - high
Champagne all round
(you have a company
credit card, right?)!

The final product has
been approved, you're
happy (new website /
branding / logo /
corporate id / photo-
shoot is a success),
we're happy (the
cheque's cleared), let's
get the party started!

But wait, there's more,
as this is only the
beginning of a long
lasting business
relationship ;-)
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After years of soldiering on our own in the industry, we realised we could offer clients a more holistic visual marketing solution for their business by combning forces as a designer and photographer. BOOM!
Connect with us for additional
information on aspects you didn’t find here on our website, or preferably, to hire us for your next project! Ok, ok, we can meet-up for a chat first...
Our work, believe it or not, has
actually been implemented in the real world out there ;-) #checkitout

We believe in working closely with our clients on all aspects of the design and photography processes. Through excellent communication and relationship building, as well as kick-ass coffee and craft beer, we aim to deliver a super product.